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Log book servicing on all makes and models

If your car is still in warranty, our logbook servicing is just for you. Many motorists are unaware that they can get their car serviced by any licensed mechanic and still meet warranty requirements.

We will follow your logbook recommendations and validate your logbook to ensure your warranty remains intact.

Steering and suspension repairs

We offer a full range of steering and suspension repairs, whether it be a wheel alignment, replacing worn or damaged parts or supplying and fitting new, second hand or reconditioned parts at your request.

Your steering and suspension is an important system on your vehicle. There are many symptoms you may be experiencing if you are having a problem with your steering or suspension. Some of these faults include:

  • Steering Problems
  • Worn Tyres
  • Wheel Shimmy
  • Wheels Not Aligned
  • Steering wheel vibration

So if you are experiencing any of these or have any other concerns, it is highly important that you have this checked before any further damage occurs.

Tyres and tyre repairs

Your tyres are an extremely important aspect of your vehicle. The last thing you want is to have bald tyres and have to drive in the rain.

It is important to check your tyres on a regular basis. They need to be check for pressure, punctures, wear and or any damage. Checking these things on a regular basis can prolong the life of your tyre.

It is very important your tyres have the correct tyre pressure in them, if your tyres have too much air or not enough they will wear unevenly and cause excessive wear. This in tern will result in the tyres having a shorter life span.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, come in and get your tyres checked today before it’s to late.

If however it is time for new tyres, Plumpton Autos offers a range of tyres. We have a range of brands and prices, so come and see us today for a quote.

Registration inspection on any vehicle, bike, caravan, trailers and trucks under 4.5 tonnes

Plumpton autos is a registered E-Safety check station, this means we are able to provide you with a pink slip to get your car registered. This process is done online and is received by the Roads and Maritime Services straight away allowing you to pay your rego instantly.

With the recent disappearance of registration stickers, Plumpton Autos has had reminder stickers made for your convenience. Ask us about them at next visit.

Minor electrical diagnosis and repair

With more and more electrically controlled devices in modern vehicles today, faults are becoming more apparent. If you are experiencing some faults with your electronically controlled devices such as power windows, power seats, or even your vehicle’s lights then come in and see us at Plumpton Autos.

Cooling system repairs

The cooling system is designed to keep your vehicle from over heating. It does this by pumping coolant around your engine and through the radiator to ensure it stays at a sufficient operating temperature whether you are driving or stopped at the lights.

Over heating can cause substantial damage to your engine. It is important to check your gauge regularly when driving to ensure your vehicle is not overheating. If your vehicle does over heat when driving, you need to pull over and switch your vehicle off straight away. This will prevent your engine from getting any hotter and causing excess damage.

Never open any part of the cooling system when the vehicle has been driven. The cooling system reaches extreme pressures and temperatures that will burn immediately.

It is important to get your cooling system flushed when necessary to prevent blockage in your system.

You cooling system not only prevents your vehicle from overheating, it also transfers head into the passenger compartment to keep you warm in winter.

Brake repairs and machining

Brakes are an extremely important component of your vehicle. It is crucial for your brakes to work every time you put your foot on the petal, whether it be slow braking or a sudden stop. You need them to work!

If you are noticing any noises or issues from your brakes such as:

  • grinding noise
  • squeal
  • spongy pedal
  • shudder when braking
  • hard or soft pedal

you need to get an authorized mechanic to inspect your brakes immediately.

How your brakes work

When you put your foot on the brake, it pushes a shaft in the brake booster, this helps gives the brake pedal some added force. Your pedal is also connected to your brake master cylinder which houses brake fluid. When the brakes are applied, the master cylinder pushed the brake fluid through the brake lines to the brakes. This then pushes on a piston in the brakes which intern pushed the brake pads against the brake rotor or the brake shoes against the drum and bring the car to a stop.

So with out the efficiency of the brake fluid, this process can be affected. When you apply your brakes, the fluid reaches a very high temperature, which over time affects its performance. Luckily along with brake repairs Plumpton Autos can also provide a brake fluid flush.

So next time you put your foot on the brake, it might be time to think about when you last had your brakes inspected.

Clutch repairs

If you drive a manual, your clutch is very important. Can you imagine taking off without it? If you are experiencing any issues with your clutch, such as noises, slipping or a high friction (take off) point, come and see us today for a diagnosis and quote.

Engine fault diagnosis and repair

Most of today’s modern vehicles are controlled by electronic systems and on board computers.

Your onboard computer controls a variety of sensors that are located on your engine, these sensors send signals to your computer and is processed to result in your engine running at its optimum.

When there is an issue or fault in a system component, the information that is sent to the computer from the sensor logs a code and in most cases will illuminate a engine warning light on the dash. This alerts the driver that there is an issue that needs to be diagnosed and repaired. Plumpton Autos is equipped with specialised diagnostic equipment to make the process of diagnosing your vehicle an easier process.

Wheel alignment and balancing

It is important that your vehicle provides an effortless driving experience. Wheel alignment and balancing issues can alter this experience. If you vehicle is pulling to one side, your steering wheel is not straight or your tyres are wearing unevenly then a wheel alignment may fix this issue. Driving your vehicle when it is pulling to one side can affect the life of your tyres, fuel consumption and potential wear on your steering and suspension components. It is important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Tyre balancing can also cause similar issues. Have you ever driven at high speeds and your steering wheel shakes? This could be something as simple as a wheel balancing issue.

Plumpton Autos is equipped with a wheel alignment machine and a wheel balancing machine so your problem can be rectified as soon as possible.

Exhaust system repairs

Your exhaust system plays a very important part in reducing emissions from your vehicle. Your vehicle creates and releases some very harmful gases without the components of your exhaust. There are many different sections of an exhaust system that each plays an important part in reducing the harmful gases. Other then protecting the atmosphere, your exhaust also eliminate some of the noise produced by your engine to provide you with a nice quiet drive or in some cases when altered a very noisy drive.